About Us :

“Yoga Essentials” is a brand of Lifestyle Yoga Studio and it offers an eclectic range of Eco-friendly Yoga Mats and Accessories in India and Abroad. Our objective is to create awareness and promote the use of environment friendly Yoga, Lifestyle and Wellness Accessories. We are exporters and hence our products are of international standard and quality. Most importantly they are natural.

Please be aware of the fact that yoga started and perfected thousands of years ago in India. At that time yoga was practiced with natural yoga props only. Moreover, yoga is a harmonious integral balance between Mind, Body and Nature. How can we then use synthetic and non-biodegradable materials for practicing yoga? Think about it and encourage your friends and family to adopt natural yoga accessories. By doing this, you will do a great service to humanity at large.


Our Values necessarily includes:

- No Child Labor
- No Animal Testing
- No Plastic or Synthetic
- No Environmental Pollution

We promote skill development of poor unemployed people and through our orders, we directly and/or indirectly contribute towards their livelihood and income. Most of our products are HANDMADE.

Yoga Accessories Dealers, Distributors, Studios & Centers can directly contact us for wholesale business opportunities. Email us :   LifestyleYogaStudio@gmail.com 


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Our Yoga Kit Bags & Yoga Mat Holders are made of Cotton Fabric & Canvas. Contact us for our detailed catalogue with wholesale prices.

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